Tourist Attractions

Kangaroos Just a short stroll from Perths La Casa Rosa you can get close and friendly at no cost with some beautiful Kangaroos. They love a gentle pat and pose for the many photos.


Dolphins We do not forget the dolphin experience and have great pleasure when our guests show us pictures like this. We have a special place where we suggest they visit and  they are never disappointed with the many dolphins playing in the water. They leap and race along the waterways giving many opportunities to photograph them.



Perth’s La Casa Rosa goes to the South-West

We left our bed and breakfast in Perth to update ourselves with the South West tourist attractions and of course we were rewarded with both beautiful food and magnificent tourist attractions. Taking off in our little house on wheels we ventured down to Busselton Beach where we ate fish & chips on the historical jetty and then on to Wise Winery to a friends wedding. What a breathtaking backdrop for the ceremony. From here it was back to Capel down through Bailingup, Greenbushes and an overnighter at Bridgetown.  On to the forrests, and lots of them. The feature being the Tinglewood trees and the Old Empire Walk. HOW SPECIAL IS THIS! From here it was on to Denmark, then back to the Old Kent River to have a fantastic lunch of local Marron and Lamb, cooked freshly by the Winery owners and after a tasting we added a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. The ambiense was perfect in a garden setting. We enjoyed the meal so much we took a kilo of beautiful marron with us to enjoy at our evening stop, which ended up being Augusta where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. You should try it all!!!

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